TV Schedule

Flats Class TV is an award-winning production that features professional inshore anglers teaching the techniques, strategies, and practical “how-to” that put the average weekend angler on the path to success.  You not only learn from the best pros in the business when viewing Flats Class TV but the HD  quality of this production is phenomenal… beautifully shot venues with outstanding film edit work provided by F2P Productions.  Now entering its 7th season, Flats Class TV is featured on three television networks and reaches over 60 million households nationwide!

For more information on dates and air times please check your local listings for the following television networks.

Monday @ 7:30pm
Friday @ 4:00pm
Saturday @ 9:00am
Sunday @ 5:30am


Sunday @ 10am
Wednesday @ 3pm
Friday @ 2am




Check local listings for air time