???????????????????????????????Finally, the winds calmed down toward the end of this week and the fishing got hot! I spent a few days with my clients from Louisiana, Clay & Spencer, dealing with finicky tarpon but we finally got on a couple of cooperative poons to play the game on Thursday. It’s always a pleasure to see anglers get so excited and intense when they are hooked up to a freight training tarpon jumping out of the water. I think it’s why I still enjoy guiding so much and sharing the experience with those like me who love this sport. In my opinion, sometimes these trips are more about the memories we create rather than the number of fish we actually catch. After a few epic battles, the three of us went over to a favorite “ watering hole” of mine to reminisce about the week’s tarpon fishing over a couple of cold ones… what better way to end a great trip with friends.

Later this past week, I shared the deck with a huge Flats Class fan, Frank from Bell, FL. Frank was really amped to go hit the shallows for redfish & snook on artificials. And when I say amped, I mean amped! So we headed out into Tampa Bay and worked several areas with top water plugs, swim baits, and my trusty Aqua Dream spoons. The bite was spectacular on the incoming tide; we both caught several redfish up to 27”, one “gator” trout near 24”, and the biggest snook of the year, so far, on a swim bait that taped out at 34.5”! Not a bad morning at all!

Between the busy tarpon charter season and trying to wrap up the final couple of episodes for Flats Class TV… there isn’t much time for sleeping or rest. I looked at my calendar and the next real shot at a couple of days off isn’t until ICAST Show held in Las Vegas in mid-July! Wow, what a turnaround from last year. I believe Americans are getting tired of hearing we’re in a recession and are looking to spend a little money and enjoy life again.

Next week, Dan Larson, the guy behind the cameras at FCTV, will be hanging out with me to shoot another tarpon episode for the show. Dan who resides in Minneapolis, relishes his trips to Florida normally to thaw out from the Minnesota “deep freeze” but he’ll be greeted by 90 degree temps and sweltering humidity this time. But that’s honestly when the tarpon bite best! And if the poons don’t bite at least Dan will go home with a nice tan after this trip and a full stomach courtesy of Jessica’s kitchen, lol.

That’s all for now… look for more great info here at FCTV and my personal website every week.

Capt. C.A. Richardson