2013 – Ep. 13 – Best of 2013

Check out our favorite moments from our 2013 season! … [Read More]

2013 – Ep. 12 – L.A. Reds with David Walker

David Walker and Capt. C.A. put a hurtin' on some redfish in the marsh down in Louisiana. … [Read More]

2013 – Ep. 11 – Al Keller’s Giant Drum

Al Keller invites C.A. to come check out some giant drum. Black and red drum! Check out these bruisers! … [Read More]

2013 – Ep. 10 – Everglades

Capt. C.A. ventures into the Everglades back country for some exciting shallow water fishing. … [Read More]

2013 – Ep. 9 – Fishing with John Oliverio

John Oliverio the creater/inventor/owner of Power-Pole joins C.A. for some great flats fishing. … [Read More]

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FlatsClass Leaders for Tarpon

Every tarpon season I'm asked what tarpon leader set-up do I prefer for natural and artificial lure presentations. Well of … [Read More...]

Flats Class 2.0


Fishing School

Have you been to fishing seminars and felt like you’ve heard that same old story, over and over? Tired of being sold product over technique? Or do have a hard time … [Read More...]

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Flats Class TV is an award-winning production that features professional inshore anglers teaching the techniques, strategies, and practical “how-to” that put the average weekend angler on … [Read More...]